History of Jakarta Islamic School

Jakarta Islamic School (JISc) was established to answer the challenges of the world of education in Indonesia, there are many schools that have implemented an international curriculum, but very lack of insight and understanding of Islam, there have also been many schools that emphasize Islam but do not yet have an international curriculum (still on a local scale), with the birth of JISc, it is hoped that it can fulfill the thirst of parents who want their children to have global insight, have Islamic beliefs, and not forget their identity as Indonesian citizens.

At the beginning, there were only 180 students, consisting of Playgroups, Kindergarten and Elementary Schools located in Jalan Inspeksi No. 41 A Pangkalan Jati. The school building at was very simple, there were even parents of students who doubted the new school as considered it as "buffalo cage". Eventually, with the perseverance and effort of Mdm. Proklawati Jubilea (mam Fifi) and her teachers, many parents then believed because of the many changes experienced by their children, especially in their religious and English abilities, so that they have indirectly become JISc advertising ambassadors to invite friends and neighbors to enter JISc. This can be seen from the increase in the number of students in the following year with total number of 280, consisting of Playgroups, Kindergarten and Elementary Schools.

In the third year of its establishment, public confidence in the existence of JISc was getting higher. This is evidenced by many people requesting to establish JISc near their area, and there is large number of new students enrolling in JISc. Also this year, besides (1) JISc center in Kalimalang, Alhamdulillah JISc branches have been established in (2) Joglo, West Jakarta, and (3) Boys Boarding School in Bogor-West Java. Since 2007 JISc has been trusted by parents to open a high school program and the last is the opening of a school in (4) Depok-West Java and (5) Girls Boarding in Bogor-West Java. In 2019 the number of students in all existing branches reached nearly 2600 students.

Jl. Manunggal 1 No.17 Komplek Kodam, Jakarta Timur Telp. 021 86612154 HotLine : 0813 8664 4108
To Build Future Leaders in the World who has International Vision & Insight; Islamic values & behaviour and Nationalism Spirit of Indonesia. Melahirkan Pemimpin Dunia yang mempunyai visi & wawasan Internasional; memiliki keyakinan atas prinsip-prinsip & akhlak Islami serta tetap memelihara Jati Diri sebagai Bangsa Indonesia.
"Membentuk Kepemimpinan Islam yang berwawasan International, berahlak Islami dan tetap memiliki Jati diri sebagai Bangsa Indonesia"
JISc Kodam : Jl. Manunggal 1 No.17 Komplek Kodam, Jakarta Timur Telp. 021 86612154 || JISc Curug : Jl. Inspeksi No.1 Curug Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur Telp. 021 8647276 Fax: 021 86902604 || JISc Joglo : Jl. Rudal V No.16 RT 01/06, Joglo, Jakarta Barat Telp: 021 5866229 || JISc Depok : Jl. Palmoras Lingkungan Bojong Rt 01/020, Kel Abadi Jaya Kec Sukmajaya, Depok Telp: 021 77835908 || JIBBS & JIGSc Puncak : Desa Suka Galih, Pasir Muncang Mega Mendung, Bogor Telp. 0251 8256801