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Media Daring Enrollment Jakarta Islamic School
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In the beginning, there were only 180 students including those in Playgroup, Kindergarten and elementary level studying in Jakarta Islamic School (JISC), located on Jl Inspseksi No 41A Pangkalan Jati. The school building itself was very simple and humble, making some parents doubted the school and liking the building to an animal shed. Eventually, through the perseverance and tireless efforts by Mrs. Proklawati Jubilea (Ma’am Fifi) and her teachers, the parents began to believed in the school given the changes they witnessed on their children, particularly in terms of their religion and English knowledge and skills; and this had made them become JISC ambassadors and spreading the goodness of the school to their friends and neighbors. The following year, the number of student increased to 280 in total.

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Fifi. P. Jubilea, S.E., S.Pd., M.Sc.,Ph.D. - Founder, Owner, Principal, Conceptor & Trainer

Fifi. P. Jubilea, S.E., S.Pd., M.Sc.,Ph.D. is a mother of four. Her concerns for education have made her delivered many contributions for children’s education. She spent a lot of her time to make the best education concept, which lead her to become the Founder and Trainer for teachers at the Jakarta International Islamic School in East Jakarta and other branches.
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