Jakarta Islamic School Profile

Our current school institutions are oriented to create individuals who are useful for themselves and their communities. This means that individuals are prepared only for their economic functions who focus on material. Ironically, they see wealth and position as the benchmark for the success of one's education.

So as a consequence, here comes a generation / society who is very individualist, prioritizing the importance of life, while the morals collapsed. There are individuals who are rich in the world but do not understand and forget the nature, duties and purpose of life desired by Allah SWT the Creator.

Allah SWT created Islam as a perfect religion. Islam has actually taught us about the real measure of success; it is when individuals succeed in entering into His heaven in the hereafter because he is successful in carrying out his mission as a leader in the world. In other words, successful education, according to Islam, is able to produce individuals who are leaders in the world (both in the fields of economics, science, and social and cultural / civilization), but at the same time understand that it is a form of devotion to Allah as provision that will be brought to eternal life in the hereafter.

We, as the founders of JISc, see the existing imbalances in the reality of education held by Muslims today. On the one hand, most schools excel in a world-concept but it collapses morally, while other schools are oriented to the hereafter but are unable to produce individuals who can compete in the world in all fields globally.

Therefore, we are determined to present excellent schools that are capable of generating successful human beings according to the version of Allah SWT. But we realize that this effort is not easy. The support of Muslims, especially parents, is very much needed to reach our noble ideals as our small contribution to the future generation of superior Islam. Thank you for the support and trust given to all parties so far, may Allah give multiplying rewards. Aamiin ya Robbal 'alamin.

Jl. Manunggal 1 No.17 Komplek Kodam, Jakarta Timur Telp. 021 86612154 HotLine : 0813 8664 4108
To Build Future Leaders in the World who has International Vision & Insight; Islamic values & behaviour and Nationalism Spirit of Indonesia. Melahirkan Pemimpin Dunia yang mempunyai visi & wawasan Internasional; memiliki keyakinan atas prinsip-prinsip & akhlak Islami serta tetap memelihara Jati Diri sebagai Bangsa Indonesia.
"Membentuk Kepemimpinan Islam yang berwawasan International, berahlak Islami dan tetap memiliki Jati diri sebagai Bangsa Indonesia"
JISc Kodam : Jl. Manunggal 1 No.17 Komplek Kodam, Jakarta Timur Telp. 021 86612154 || JISc Curug : Jl. Inspeksi No.1 Curug Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur Telp. 021 8647276 Fax: 021 86902604 || JISc Joglo : Jl. Rudal V No.16 RT 01/06, Joglo, Jakarta Barat Telp: 021 5866229 || JISc Depok : Jl. Palmoras Lingkungan Bojong Rt 01/020, Kel Abadi Jaya Kec Sukmajaya, Depok Telp: 021 77835908 || JIBBS & JIGSc Puncak : Desa Suka Galih, Pasir Muncang Mega Mendung, Bogor Telp. 0251 8256801