Jakarta Islamic School (JISc) Profile

Today, we see how people are prepared to be individuals who function to succeed in the economy and materialistic things. They see wealth and career positions as a benchmark for the fruits of education. As a consequence, we are looking at an individualistic generation and society, who prioritize on themselves materially, and not caring about their deteriorating morals. It is not a surprise to see individuals who are wealthy, but do not have religious understandings that the only reason of their creation is to serve Allah SWT as their creator.

Allah SWT created Islam as a perfect religion. Islam has taught us about the real measure of success; which is when an individual is successful in gaining Allah’s blessing and is able to enter His heaven for his success in carrying his mission as a leader in this world (not just success in terms of religion, but also in diverse areas such as economics, science, social, cultural etc.), all the while recognizes that his mission is a form of his devotion to Allah in the hope that he will be successful in the hereafter.

As the founders of JISc, we witness the existing imbalance in the reality of education implemented by Muslims today. On the one hand, most schools excel in their global concept of education but lacks in teaching their students about morality; on the other hand, other schools are oriented on religious aspects of education but they are unable to create individuals who can compete globally in the diverse fields other than religion.

JISc is oriented to create individuals who would be useful for
themselves and their surroundings. This means that we are determined to deliver an excellent education institution that is capable of generating successful human beings according to the command of Allah SWT. We do realize that this is not an easy task. Henceforth, the support of the Muslim ummah in general, and parents in particular, is very much needed in order to reach our noble ideals as our small contribution to the future generation of exceptional Muslims. We thank you for your support and trust, may Allah reward you in a thousand folds.

Amin ya Rabb al Alamin.