Fifi. P. Jubilea, S.E., S.Pd., M.Sc.,Ph.D. is a mother of four. Her concerns for education have made her delivered many contributions for children’s education. She spent a lot of her time to make the best education concept, which lead her to become the Founder and Trainer for teachers at the Jakarta International Islamic School in East Jakarta and other branches.

  1. Founder and concept designer of the Integrated International Islamic School (JISc, JIBBS and JIGSc)
  2. Founder and trainer of the Islamic School, Aceh
  3. Founder of Orphan House, Aceh
  4. Author of “Masa Kecil Nabi Muhammad for Limited Edition” (Zahra Publishing)
  5. Trainer of Seven Basic Skills for Teachers
  6. Trainer of Music and Movement for Kids
  7. Trainer of an Islamic School in Johar Malaysia
  8. Trainer of English Easy Method in many schools and in Putra Malaysia University 
  9. Founder of Peter ‘n Jane Course
  10. Concept designer of the Sharping Brain Method, Writer Edu Corner and “Wanita Bicara” in
  11. Speaker of “Salam Pagi Anakku” Program in Dakta Radio (107FM)
  12. Author of “Keluarga” in Sabili Magazine
  13. Author of “Edu Corner” and “Inspirasi Wanita” in Ummi Magazine
  14. Author of “Pendidikan” in Republika Online
  15. Author of “Wanita/Keluarga” in Islampos
  16. Author of “Aku Cinta Padanya Bunda”, “Secangkir The Buatan Bidadari”, “3 Hari Melihat Kota yang Menyayat Hati”, “Sekolah Ideal Untuk Anakku” and “Taman Hikmah”