Thursday, July 18, 2024

Primary School

Character Development

Academic performance, according to the international standard and Islamic values, will not be perfect without life (leadership) skill. At JISc we believe that life (leadership) skill is a compulsory competency for every individual. A Muslim will one day become a leader, firstly, in the smallest scale of community, which is the family, while more capable people they will become a leader of a larger scale of the Muslim society. Therefore life (leadership) skill is a must. In this study, students will be trained about the basic concept of life skill, including leadership and thinking skills. These skills would allow them to think critically, creatively and act swiftly in any given situation.

Small Classes

The Small Classes concept is applied to ensure the effectiveness of running lesson is achieved. JISc believes that teaching would be less effective if the ratio of teacher and students is big. In this situation, teachers would not be able to communicate and understand their students well, which would lead to the drop of lesson absorption in class. In JISc, 12-16 student classes are managed by one main teacher, while for more difficult lessons the man teacher is accompanied by an assistant.