Primary School

Character Development

Academic performance according to international standard and Islamic believes and practice, will not be perfect without life (leadership) skill. As JISc believes that life (leadership) skill is a compulsory competency that every individual must have. An individual will become a leader in its smallest community which is family, and for some talented persons will become a leader in the muslim society. Therefore life and leadership skills are something a must for them to be equipped. In this feature, students will be trained a basic concept of life skill, leadership and thinking skills. These will make them able to be critical, creative and act fast and accordingly to any given situation.

Small Classes ( jumlah siswa / kelas kecil )

Small classes concept is applied to ensure the effectiveness of running lesson is achieved. JISc believes good teacher and good approach will less effective if ratio of teacher against students is big. Meaning teacher will less recognise every individual of his/her students and finally will decrease the level of lesson absorbtion. 12 to 16 students in a class are handled by 1 main teacher and in some difficult subjects a teacher is accompanied by assistant teacher.

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